How do I place an order of work-wear, uniforms, promotional clothing and merchandise?
Matrix Textiles are happy to help you at every stage of the order process. Some clients require little assistance in ordering their uniforms and simply email their order based on our online catalogues. Others require more information and advice such as when they are choosing a new uniform, work-wear or reproducing a complicated logo. 
If you know the Style, Quantity and Color you require, simply list out the details in a fax or email and attach your artwork for a quotation
Once you’ve decided on the products you are interested in we will provide you with a quotation and estimated delivery time.
When the quotation has been approved we will then put together some proofs for your approval. We can also provide work-wear and promotional clothing samples, although there may be a charge for this service.
If your garment is to be embroidered we will provide you with a sample embroidery on a fabric swatch. We are also able to provide samples of branding by alternative methods on request.
What are the payment terms? We require a 50% down payment to begin all orders. If you’re an accredited organization then an official purchase order signed by the concern department may be submitted. Orders cannot be started until the credit requirements above have been met.

How can we see the quality of fabric or product? we have tried our level best to give you an idea about our product quality in the website. However, you can click request a swatch (a fabric piece will be couriered to you at your given address) or request an appointment (our representative will visit you in order to discuss your requirements).
What if there’s a style I’m interested in that you don’t have? 
Please have a good look at our products first. If you are still looking for something else send a request form by clicking contact us and we will try our best to reply you back.
What if the exact color shade I require is not available with you? 
We always try to cover all of the color ranges in our stock for most of the items. If some shades are out of stock, it must have been ordered by our procurement department. You can contact us for the availability of your required color shades.
What if I have a large order? 
Please click contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

What is your return policy? All custom made orders will not be refunded or exchanged unless merchandise is defected. We try to maintain the highest quality level with our garments, if, however, there is an error or flaw, request for return must be made in writing. Returns must be made within 5 business days of receipt of merchandise. Goods must be not worn, laundered or altered.

How long will it take to receive my order? 
1-2 weeks depends upon the availability of fabric. If you need a special order or your items or fabric is not in stock it will take about 5-6 weeks plus shipping time to receive your order. Its better to check with us at the time of order placement.
Q: What if I want some alteration? A: Unless mis-sizing is our error, there will be a charge.
What are the minimum quantities for a custom uniform order?
For new customers, a 48 piece minimum is required for polo shirts or t-shirts orders and 36 pieces for pants, shirts or any other product lines.
For existing customers or matrix club members, we offer fill in orders with no minimums and with a nominal surcharge. Sign In by clicking (be a member) to avail this offer.